The Silver King !! The Silver King In the year 1940, in the city of Tanis, in the Eastern Province, a French archaeological mission headed by “Pierre Montier” was


The Silver King !! The Silver King
In the year 1940, in the city of Tanis, in the Eastern Province, a French archaeological mission headed by “Pierre Montier” was operating, the work was going on and it was surrounded by very severe difficulties. In that period, Hitler was preparing to start his wars in Europe and the conditions in France were worrisome, as the scholars of the mission had families and children in their country, On the other hand, the mission did not receive great successes. All that Montier found was the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to Amun Ra surrounded by a wall of mudbrick. Montier believed that inside the temple there are shrines and he sought to discover them and during the search and excavation of the workers and the follow-up of Montier they occurred inside one of the shrines, which In turn transferred it to a royal tomb !! Unfortunately, it was valley, which was preceded by the hands of thieves, and this tomb was for one of the family kings 22 “Osorkon II.”
But Montier did not give up and ordered his workers to search again just nine meters away from the place of the old excavation. Indeed, the destiny smiled and gave him one of the discoveries that history immortalized to this day (the tomb of King Psusennes the First mry-ἰmn-pꜣ sbꜣ- ḫꜥ-n- nἰwt, meaning the beloved of Amun, the star, the bright in the city (Thebes) and Psusennes was the third king in the family 21, the cemetery was clogged with a huge granite block that took six days to cross through and enter like Montier what he saw at that moment in myths where rare stones, precious metals and huge stones Lying on the ground, he was the first to touch her nearly 3,000 years after her burial.
After the news of the discovery of the cemetery spread, Montier received the news that an important person would like to visit the cemetery and follow the discovery process. This character was the king of Egypt, King Farouk! He kept Montier on the coffin, which he did not open until the arrival of King Farouk, and when he arrived, he hoped Montier not to disappoint before him, and indeed he was not disappointed, so the entire coffin was made mostly of silver, and nothing throughout the history of Egypt was found that did not resemble that at all until the present time, only the coffin was what excites Astonishment, after lifting the lid of the sarcophagus, the king’s mask, made entirely of pure gold, was found, and that showed how rich this king was. Under the mask, his mummy was found, and after studying it, he realized some of his characteristics. He was short of 166 cm, died at the age of eighty, and upon his death he suffered from rheumatism.
Pierre Montier may not have been fortunate, for example, Howard Carter, discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamen, because he discovered the tomb at a time when the focus of the media globally focused on what is going on in Europe and the beginning of the expected war there, and we may have thus fulfilled him a little of his lost right.

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