An American 20s girl marries an 85-year-old woman 61 years her senior and stirs controversy online

1: 🔴 Out of love, not money. Twenty-something girl marries an 85-year-old 61 years older than her and sparks controversy on the Internet

2: 🔴 A 24-year-old American girl has agreed to marry an 85-year-old man, sparking controversy online.

3: 🔴 Miracle Pogue, from Starkville, Mississippi, expressed her happiness at her marriage to the old man, who is 10 years older than her actual grandfather, Charles Pogue, in the presence of her parents at her wedding, in which she wore an elegant white dress and the husband as well as a groom’s suit.

4:🔴 “His calm nature attracted me and I love him for his qualities,” Miracle Pogue, from Starkville, Mississippi, expressed why she was married to an old woman who is 10 years older than her actual grandfather.

5:🔴 According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Thursday, the young woman met the retired real estate agent when she was working in a “laundry room” and gave her his number to start talking to him admiring her and offering her parents to marry her later, explaining: “I don’t care if he is 100 or 55 years old, I love him anyway.”

5:🔴 The girl pointed out that she did not know from the beginning that the age of Charles exceeded eighty, adding: “I thought he was younger than that because he cared about himself a lot, knowing that my mother Tamika Phillips, 45 years old, and my grandfather Joe Brown, 72 years old, standing on our marriage when he saw his determination and happiness with me, but my father Karim Phillips, 47 years old, it was difficult to convince him but it happened!”.

6:🔴 Although my husband was born in 1937, she said, and I thought he might be sixty or seventy because he looked so good, we are currently looking to have two children through “artificial insemination” in the hope of starting a family, especially since he does not have any children.

7:: She continued that people make rude comments about them on social media because of the age difference with her husband, and that they love each other and do not care what people think as long as they are happy.

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