The question of the existence of the curse of the Pharaohs


The question of the existence of the curse of the Pharaohs is always a common question and this is due to the incidents that occurred
To many scholars and archaeologists, its mysterious ends, as well as fame
The ancient Egyptians excelled in magic and their keen interest in securing their tombs.
In fact, there are factors that caused the mysterious ends of scientists, but they are not subject to the idea of ​​magic and sorcery, but they are purely scientific reasons and with the closure of tombs for thousands of years led to the preservation and strength of its impact: –
1 – Fungi: From a long period of time, a strange phenomenon occurred among archaeological workers in the Egyptian Museum, where he complained of respiratory problems and skin rashes. The years.

2- Poisons: The Egyptians knew toxins since the dawn of time, such as (opium – hemlock – black anesthetic – arsenic) and used poisons to protect cemeteries from thieves. The ancient Egyptian can get rid of toxins of the dead body through oil, honey, cat litter and donkeys, and this is what has been found in medical papyri and it has been scientifically proven that these substances have antibodies fighting types of toxins emitted, and this explains the mystery of scientists baffled for years, which is the color
Black, which is on the body of mummies and boils down to what comes out of the body of the mummy under the name of bacteria that strengthens its effect with the length of time and the rules of closing the cemetery.

3- Hallucinations powders: It is scientifically certain that the Egyptian knew hallucinogenic drugs and used them in a large quantity cemetery as they enter through the nose and eyes. This is what causes delirium or coma, and this explains the presence of skeletons in the corridors of thieves graves while trying to steal and also
What happened to the scientist (Joachim Dematch) who came to Upper Egypt to transfer several texts and was injured by a condition
Delirium continues, and the doctors interpreted it at the time as schizophrenia, and the publishers forced him to make a book, so he wrote 350 pages, no one could explain one sentence of it.

4 – Radioactive uranium: The scientist discovered with the traders of the atom the world a terrible discovery, where he found in the papyrus of priests and sages laws of uranium atomic analysis, and it is very likely that it was used to preserve the holy places. The opinion supported this possibility. Cemeteries, which is a deadly radiation, and also which confirmed the causes of death of many archaeologists, where the appearance of a defect in the brain through exposure to radiation. It is surprising to discover walls in the funeral temple in Saqqara group of which radiate electromagnetic waves healing of diseases and other killers of vitality as experts have announced
The Egyptians that they were able to record nuclear rumors issued From some of the mummies in the mummies hall in the Egyptian Museum, and it turned out that they shipped their dead when embalming shipments of negative green rays to save them from decomposition and lethality to those who touched them, and in the end it turned out that those scientific reasons are more logical and important to explain what is happening from the dangers of the archaeologists and respond to the myths that circulated over the years On the idea of ​​the curse of the unexplained pharaohs
The level of the greatness of our ancestors that falls under sorcery despite their skill in the science of magic