Experience the universe 25 25universe


One of the most terrifying experiences in the history of science, which studied the behavior of mice in case of extremism and luxury, trying to study similar behavior in human communities.

The idea of “Universe 25” is designed by the American World John Calhoun, who created a “classified world” where hundreds of mice live and multiply; He built a specially designed space so that mice live in abundance of food, water, and a large living space.

I initially put four pairs of mice that began to reproduce in a short time, which is a generation of customs (s).

After 315 days, mice reproduced began to decline significantly!
When they arrived at 600 mouse, they were formed with a pyramid sequence, and a layer was known as “presidents”. The larger rodes began to attack the group, resulting in (psychosocial collapse for many male).

As a result, females have protected themselves, and then they turn their turns towards young people over time, and has increasingly aggressive female behaviors with a tendency to isolation and the lack of reproductive spirit. There was a low birth rate, at the same time, an increase in the mortality rate of younger rodents.

Then a new category of rodents, called (beautiful mice). Which rejected mating with female or (fighting) for its area, and everything matters is eating and sleeping.

This became “beautiful male” and “female isolated” form the majority of the population.

Over time, the mortality rate of events reached 100% and the reproduction reached zero.

It was noted that the emergence of a resort was observed among endangered mice, and at the same time, mice meat increased, despite the abundance of food. Two years after the start of the experiment, another Var was born in the colony.

By 1973, another mouse was killed in (universe 25).

Repeat as the same experience itself 25 again and every time the result was the same.

A work as a scientific was used as a model for interpreting the social collapse and works as a pivotal point to study urban sociology.